Patterns live in all of our lives, and when noticed create a tapestry of meaning and understanding.

Circular Color Series
Centric Color Series

Shayna Kulik is a pattern visionary. She distills the cultural and visual world around us to communicate connections that build bridges among people and ideas. Shayna opens eyes to the motif within and between moments. This expression makes art out of the fabric of life, cultivated in the things that most often are missed. Shayna illuminates the intersections of what has yet to be seen.

For over a decade, Shayna’s work has focused on creative brand development, custom pattern design, and trend forecasting. Her work has been captured by the world’s most forward-thinking brands and in the pages of her book, which shares approaches to observation, helping readers to see patterns peppered everywhere.

Shayna continues to be a purveyor of patterns and observational innovations. Her distillations of the patterns in our environments and ourselves are the dots we have all been looking for.

Art is in the living

Selected Projects

Rent the Runway Rebrand
Color Association Palettes
Pattern Spotting with The New York Times
Poppy Print
Holiday Print
Bumble and bumble Strategy & Research
FW 23-24 Trend Presentation
Steven Alan Brand Strategy
Pattern Studio Book with Chronicle Books
Graphic Stripe Print
Clinique Face Forward Campaign
Trend Presentation Artwork
Lululemon Creative + Strategy
Kiehl’s Digital Campaign
Plaid Print
Four Seasons Creative + Strategy

“Shayna understands branding in a way few of us do. Remember your visits to the planetarium as a kid? The stars would light up all at once, and you have no clue where the constellations are, until one by one certain stars fade into the background, lines are drawn, and voila, out appears a Scorpion?! That’s what branding with Shayna is like: she connects dots you never thought possible, and creates a Big Dipper out of all the noise.”

– M.M. Lafleur